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Resolutions of 2011

15 December, 2010

Everyone needs goals.

Many people don’t have goals, and I see that as a tragic mistake.  There are many things that are recommended for personal improvement, but the one with the most statistics backing them up is goal-setting.

Seriously, have goals.

The New Year is a very popular time to be making goals for the next year.  I don’t mind this custom now.  I used to – it seemed extremely arbitrary to say ‘from this 24 hour period, I will change my life’.  Of course, most resolutions failing made me more cynical, too.

But, one major benefit of this is that people are still setting goals.  Maybe it should be done more often – perhaps midyears resolutions might help – but at least it’s being done.  When it’s part of the culture to make goals, it’s a bit easier to dream bigger for a little while.  And it’s the dreaming bigger that is important to me right now.

So, I invite you to consider what your resolutions are.  Make them ridiculous, if you like – especially if you really want something – but make them.

Myself, my resolutions are simple.  Get rid of my stuff, make an income online, read more books.

The first two sound ridiculous, and maybe they are.  But I’ve noticed that it’s the ridiculous goals that often succeed.  And I’d like your help: I need people to periodically ask me how that’s going.  Maybe you’ll do it because you want to see me succeed, or because you think it’ll be funny if I don’t; please, keep asking how it’s going.

What’s your ridiculously practical resolution?

  1. 15 December, 2010 9:12 pm

    It’s a little early for resolutions isn’t it?

    My ridiculously practical resolution is, surprisingly enough, to be healthy again (and this coming from a guy that never makes New Year’s resolutions, but this one is an understandable exception).

    And which twisted people would think it’d be funny if you didn’t accomplish your goals?? (unless your goals are to not be hilarious?)

  2. 15 December, 2010 9:22 pm

    Yup, good goal :)

    Y’know, it is and it isn’t…there’s actually only a couple of weeks left in the year. I see no reason why I can’t get started on them now, of course! At some level, it’s okay to see the arbitrariness of New Years Resolutions – really, those three are just goals that I want to finish by mid-2011. Then I can move on to bigger and better challenges!

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