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Online Presence – Website and Social Media

Skills used: HTML coding, consulting experience, attention to detail, multitasking, independent work Responsibilities: To create a web presence for Sarah Meggitt Photography that allowed a social media presence.
Tools used: WordPress, WordPress editing engine, Google Apps, Facebook Deliverables: Domain and web space purchased. created and able to be updated by website owner. 
Facebook page
created, marketed and able to be updated by website owner.
Google Apps set up, including redirects; Gmail taught to website owner.
Client: Sarah Meggitt Photography

I was asked by Sarah Meggitt Photography to develop a space where photos from photoshoots could be published online and easily accessible.

To do this, I employed the WordPress engine, which I have successfully used with my own websites, and created a simple website with a theme that aligned with Sarah Meggitt Photography’s image.  I was then able to train in the use of this engine, which was brief, as well as provide ongoing support for the website.  I was also responsible for installing Google Apps on the website, allowing for a Gmail account.

Sarah Meggitt Photography also asked that social media be utilised – specifically, a Facebook fan page.  I used my knowledge to create a fan page, similarly training in its use.  I also ensured that there was a healthy crossover between the website and the fan page with a Facebook Badge in the right column of the website.

The requirements of this project were that it must be simple and easy to use, and also be easy for those people on the internet to navigate the website and fan page.  I was happy to be able to do this for no charge, satisfied with the reward of a job well done and to have supported an artist.



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