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Building a Webpage

Skills used: HTML coding, taking directions, attention to detail, multitasking, independent work Responsibilities: To create a web page for Brisbane Carwash for marketing campaign.
Tools used: WordPress, WordPress editing engine Deliverables: Domain created.
Brisbane Carwash website created and able to be updated by website owner.
Large spike in profit resulted.
Client: Mathisi (for Brisbane Carwash)

As part of my work with Mathisi, I was asked to construct a simple, one-page website that would provide information on a new side venture, featuring a contact link to book appointments.

To do this, I employed the WordPress engine, used successfully previously, and used a simple theme.  I was directed to make this page simple, easy to understand and easy to book appointments, and a simple theme would make this happen.  I then trained in the use of this engine to perform basic edits.

As part of a marketing campaign, this website was phenomenally successful, overwhelming the person answering the phone and allowing Brisbane Carwash to employ more carwashers in order to meet demand.

The requirements of the product were that it must be simple and easy to book appointments.  This increased profit for Brisbane Carwash exponentially.


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