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Prediction for 2011 – Video as Search.

29 December, 2010

I’d always promised myself that I’d start putting up video blogs.  I haven’t done that, so far – I haven’t even put up that many pictures, which is generally frowned upon for bloggers.

If I needed any more of a push to do that, I guess that Tim Ferriss has given me the biggest one, in his 4 Social Media Predictions for 2011 article on Mashable.

The number 1 prediction from this number 1 author is based on statistics: YouTube is now the second-biggest search engine in the English-speaking world (having overtaken Yahoo!).  In addition to people preferring talking people over text, YouTube has the advantage that while video used to be prohibitive to download, it is no longer the case.  What’s 10-50Mb when your cap is 1000 times that?

This means that video is a valid means of finding out information – and a very successful one at that.  Tim himself used it to promote his new book, and was rewarded with massive returns.

This begs the question, of course: what would you like to see videos of?  Give me some ideas in the comments box!

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