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The Latest on Federal Education Policies

18 August, 2010

Both parties in this Australian federal election are desparately trying to win the teacher vote – or, more broadly, the vote from everyone who is interested in current education in Australia.

Labor: Teach Next suggests that industry professionals in shortage areas could be teachers with 8 weeks of intensive training and mentoring by experienced teachers (among other things).  $16mil.

Coalition: Better Teacher Reward Fund would give more money to brilliant teachers – apparently, the Coalition believes that the difference between a teacher and an outstanding teacher is worth around $6500 over the course of a year (around $125/wk – maybe 10%); $200mil. Also, more money to technology in disadvantaged or rural schools; $120mil.

Greens: Best students to get scholarships to be teachers; Asian language teaching to have more funding; scholarship recipients must teach in state school system.  $”[W]ould not involve huge amounts of money”.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the election goes, particularly for teachers.  The National Curriculum, of course, has always figured high on the agenda (particularly last election), and education is always important for federal politics nowadays.  I suppose I wouldn’t be original if I pondered how many promises will actually be enacted over the course of the next term…

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