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We always communicate – a top five list.

1 August, 2010

We communicate every day, every second we’re awake.

Some of the ways that we communicate are totally obvious. Our words communicate, obviously. We know that communication doesn’t stop there – we know how crucial body language is, and how crucial tone of voice is.

However, there are so many more things that we need to consider when we are communicating – things that we don’t even consider. This is my Top Five List of Other Ways We Communicate

Your clothes
What you wear when you step out of your house is so important to how people perceive you. It doesn’t matter what kind of person you actually are, people will want to hire you, or will not want to hire you, based on the impression that you make with your clothes.

Your accent
This sounds trivial – and it might be. But, when was the last time that someone with a Cockney accent had a starring role in a film? Sometimes your accent can be changed, and that change can make a big difference to how people interact with you.

Your walk
The way that you walk may not cause problems in itself. But, consider the difference between the fast walk of someone in a suit, against the slow, drooping walk of someone wearing baggy clothes. Our perception of someone can be formed in that moment.

Your friends
Who your friends are will have a massive impact on who you are – it’s that direct. However, who people see you with will also have a similarly massive impact on how people see you. If they know one of your friends, and they see you with them – you’ll be assumed to be the same person until proven otherwise.

Your environment
This isn’t talking about the trees – it’s about the place you’re in. If you’re in a bus stop, that says something about you that being in a pub doesn’t say, and vice versa.

Remember that, even though all of these examples are obvious, they apply anywhere. Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re saying what you want to say.

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