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Being Passionate about Human Geography – it’s possible!

15 August, 2010

Being passionate about a topic doesn’t have to be because it’s a really cool topic.  Sure, it looks easy to be passionate about a sports team, or to be passionate about a politician.  But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Take Hans Rosling.  This guy is passionate about population sizes, birth rates, life spans, GDP – in other words, statistics about human geography.  Part of why he’s so passionate about it is because he can see purpose.  His software, Gapminder, tracks freely available statistics about human geography, and that’s done to show people how the world is developing.

You can be passionate about anything.  And if he can be passionate about statistics, then whatever it is you enjoy, you can be totally passionate about too.

Below is Hans Rosling’s first video for TED. If you really like them, check out his others – he’s done a few now, because he brings passion to a normally passionless field.

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